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Promotional products offer yet another opportunity for your company to remain top-of-mind with your employees, customers and prospects. Even something as simple as a pen can elicit positive feelings for your company and your brand. Additionally, the quality and perceived value of the gift, can significantly impact your brand equity.

Compare a high-quality, heavy weight, stainless steel, gel pen to a flimsy, lightweight, plastic, ballpoint pen. Consider how you would feel about the person (or company) that gave you each one. We would assume that you would have extremely positive feelings towards the person that gave you the high quality pen since this high-level gift communicates that you are important to them and makes you feel special. Alternatively, we would expect that you would have lesser positive feelings towards the person that gave you the low quality pen, especially if you had already received the high quality one from someone else.

If you’ve ever attended a trade show, you know how many companies are handing out pens, Post It notes and stress balls. How can you make your pens, Post It notes and stress balls stand out from the competition? Better yet, what if you were handing out something unique and highly useful for your target audience? This would not only drive traffic to your trade show booth, but it would create excitement for your brand and ensure that your gift stands out from the rest.

  • iMarketing works with only the most trusted and high-quality promotional products companies in the industry.
  • We consider your budget, your goals, your target audience(s), and your event, to determine the best promotional products for your company.
  • iMarketing focuses on promotional products that are both unique and useful to ensure that your gift strengthens your brand equity.