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Purely Print

When a local salon was just getting started, they approached iMarketing for some help. iMarketing designed a two-sided business card so the salon could place their customer’s next appointment on the back. We also designed a postcard to invite friends, family and existing customers to the grand opening of the new shop.

To supplement the necessary items, iMarketing provided a complimentary car door magnet and window decal to be placed on the owner’s car. Now each year, the salon works with iMarketing to get calendar magnets to distribute to loyal customers.

A new franchise owner for Amazon Cafe approached iMarketing to discuss start up costs. iMarketing reviewed all of the print materials required for opening a new franchise location and the costs for obtaining these items from the franchise approved vendor.

When cost savings were realized, iMarketing contacted the franchise owners and received permission to design and print the required materials upon approval of print proofs.

Ultimately iMarketing received approval on the print proofs, saving the franchise owner a significant amount of money and even delivered the final print materials in half the time projected by the franchise approved vendor.

  -Business Cards
  -VIP Cards
  -Frequent Buyer Cards
  -Gift Certificates

The owner of Once Upon a Touch massage contacted iMarketing looking help with getting her new business set up. iMarketing worked with the business owner to establish the company color palette and design the logo.

Once the logo was complete, iMarketing designed coordinating business cards, gift certificates and a services menu.

PSI Speed Solutions approached iMarketing in need of business cards. They were lighting up racetracks all over the East Coast and needed a way to promote their business at home.

iMarketing designed the business card to include all of the pertinent information on the front with space to write in appointments on the back.

T.Tracy Trucking was looking for marketing assistance. Customers had always asked them for a business card, but they never had them. With every customer request, they were losing opportunities for future business. iMarketing put together a complete marketing package with:

  -Business Cards
  -Calendar Magnets
  -Note Pads
  -Window Decals

The owners of Zi Xiu Tang Success approached iMarketing to review and assist their marketing efforts. iMarketing designed a new business card and coordinating labels to be included with every product order. The business cards were printed on both sides to include the instructions for using the product.

iMarketing also reviewed the Zi Xiu Tang Success website and offered recommendations for aesthetic improvements as well as increased search engine optimization.