The owner of Hausman’s Refrigeration & HVAC contacted iMarketing looking for help with setting up the new business. iMarketing walked them through the branding process to ultimately design the color palette and logo for use on company vehicles, employee apparel, and marketing materials.

Once the logo was complete, iMarketing designed the business cards, company letterhead and Facebook page.

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Hausman Refrigeration HVAC Logo

Hausman Refrigeration & HVAC Business Card

Hausman Refrigeration HVAC Letterhead

Hausman Refrigeration & HVAC Facebook Page

J & H Flooring was just getting started. The business had established contracts with select flooring suppliers, but needed to get the word out to build the residential side of the business. Word of mouth is great, but a business card gives your company staying power.

iMarketing worked with J & H Flooring to develop their business logo to be placed on company vehicles and a business card.

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J&H Flooring Logo

J & H Flooring Business Card

PACE Tactical approached iMarketing before they had even established a company name. iMarketing offered assistance with competitive research to help select the most appropriate company name. Once the name was selected, iMarketing assisted with the logo design and business cards.

iMarketing then launched the PACE Tactical Facebook page to provide a social media outlet for students to share their experiences with PACE Tactical.

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PACE Tactical Logo

PACE Tactical Business Card

PACE Tactical Business Card

PACE Tactical Facebook Page

JamzDee (pronounced JamesDee) Entertainment contacted iMarketing in need of a new business card design. After reviewing the existing logo design, iMarketing recommended a new logo prior to the new business card design. Once the new logo was approved, iMarketing completed the new dual-sided business card design.

In addition to the logo and business card, iMarketing also set up the JamzDee Entertainment Facebook business page. Once the Facebook page was completed and positive feedback was received on the new logo and business card design, iMarketing redesigned the JamzDee website.

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JamzDee Logo

JamzDee Business Card – Front

JamzDee Business Card – Back

JamzDee Facebook Page

JamzDee Website

2 Cousins Cleaning & Organizing was just getting started. They needed a business plan, logo and business cards. Once the business plan was completed, iMarketing designed the logo and coordinating business cards. We decided to include information on the back of their business card so potential clients could understand the full scale of services offered by 2 Cousins Cleaning & Organizing.

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2Cousins Cleaning & Organizing Logo

2Cousins Cleaning & Organizing Business Card – Front

2Cousins Cleaning & Organizing Business Card – Back