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“When we were initially in the conceptional stages of Pace Tactical Consulting LLC, we understood what we wanted to bring to people and what we wanted to offer, but really had no idea of how to go about getting it out there, designing a website or logo.

iMarketing was able to help us along, not only with the conceptual design, but also a full spectrum of understanding pertaining to the marketing analytics, marketplace strategies and overall concepts that we had never thought about. They provided market research along with the in-depth time spent working with us and dealing with our indecisiveness was greatly appreciated and more than we could have hoped for. Although we are still in the development stages of the content and our course offerings, iMarketing has been beyond instrumental in getting us off the ground and I honestly feel that we would not have been able to do it without severe headaches if not for them.”

– Jason Dunbar, PACE Tactical

“I have been in business for twenty-five years. In the past year I realized I wanted to update my website and make it more current and “modernize” the site. I interviewed a handful of designers but when I met with Tiffany, I knew she was going to be the one. Tiffany dealt with my limited knowledge of how the website works behind the scenes and educated me all during the design process. She listened to my concerns and designed my new site. Her first draft on my new site was exactly what I was looking for and it proved to me that she had a good ear.

Since the site was launched, I have received numerous compliments on how user-friendly it is. I also want to mention that since it was launched, the site has brought in more leads than the old design.

iMarketing brought the project in on budget, which was critical. Tiffany is very fair with pricing and still maintains the hard work and dedication as any of the larger companies and yet still maintains that personal touch.

If you’re looking for a completely new website or just looking to tweak the one you have, I highly recommend you reach out to iMarketing.”

– Tom Shafnisky, Shafnisky Electric

“I want to thank iMarketing for getting the site up and running. It’s been a pleasure working with iMarketing and my experience couldn’t have been any better. Once again thanks for all of the hard work and dedication.”

– Jerry Zielinski, Jadam Construction

 “It’s been a pleasure working with you because you honestly made me feel as if you had my best interest at hand.”

“Oh these images are just wonderful.  I thought perhaps I knew what the problem was but, for the life of me, I didn’t know how to make the correction.  I’ll add these revised images to the website now.  I can’t thank you enough for always being there for me.”

– Pauline Lennon, Whims4Kids