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Increase Your Website Stickiness

    Website stickiness is a term that refers to your website’s ability to keep visitors on the site and keep them coming back frequently. As a baseline, adhering to best practices in web design means that your website offers a clean and visually appealing design as well as an intuitive user navigation that is suitable for your target audience. The overall stickiness of your site requires a deeper understanding of your target audiences’ needs and desires and is directly attributed to the relevance, timeliness, and entertainment value of your website content.

    • Keep the Content Fresh – If the content on your website doesn’t change, why would your visitors return? Keeping the content fresh will not only keep your website visitors coming back for more, but also gives you an excuse to let them know you’ve added new information to the site. This consistent communication pattern ensures that your company remains top of mind and helps to develop strong, long-term customer relationships.
    • Provide Reliable Information – Become the source for reliable industry information and position your company as the industry experts. Consider what information your target audience needs or wants that can help them to become experts at their own jobs. How is this information related to the products/services you offer? Develop a targeted communication strategy to deliver timely and relevant information to your customers and prospects.
    • Gather Feedback – Give your visitors the opportunity to respond to the information you have on your website. Allowing visitors to comment on your blog may seem scary at first, but allowing them to offer feedback will make them feel more connected to your website. Leverage the feedback you receive to develop your site to meet your target audiences’ expectations.
    • Open Communication Channels – Create stronger relationships with your customers and prospects by providing open communication channels. Make it easy for your website visitors to sign up to receive information from your company. Allow them to select the different types of information (news, special offers, etc.) they want to receive and how they will receive it (email, RSS feed, etc.). Depending on the depth of information you offer, you can also allow them to select the different topics that interest them most. These options to customize the information they receive from you will also help you to develop more targeted communication strategies.
    • Make It Interactive – Offering a useful tool that helps your target audience in their daily job is a great way to keep your website visitors coming back. The options for interactive features are different for each type of website, but consider things like cost or quantity calculators or helpful selection tools.
    • Offer Multimedia Content – Leverage the available technology for video and podcasts to distribute your content. Studies have shown that receiving content via a video is not only more enjoyable for the individual, but it also helps them recall the information better. Podcasts are a great option for your visitors to absorb your content at their own convenience or on the go. Both videos and podcasts can also be posted on various external sites to extend your reach and target new customers.
    • Allow Sharing – Offer the tools on your website to allow your site visitors to easily share your content with friends and colleagues via email or within their own social media networks. The sharing functionality is simple to implement and allows your content the opportunity to be viral.

    Making your website sticky will not only keep your customers on your site longer and keep them coming back for more, but most of these tips and tricks will also help to boost your website in the search engine results.