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Do I Need Branding?

    You may think that your product or company already has a sufficiently strong brand. But does it pass the test? Answer the questions below to determine if you need branding assistance…

    • Can your employees (and specifically your management team) quickly recall your organizations’ top competitive advantages?
    •  What are the two most important competitive factors for your customers to make a purchasing decision?
    •  What is your unique selling proposition?
    •  Is your organization top-of-mind for all of your target audiences?
    •  Do you have a competitive analysis program in place to measure your brand image and your competitors’ brand images?
    •  Do you have a customer satisfaction survey and do you regularly analyze the results?
    •  Do you take advantage of customer interactions to gather feedback on their views of your company?
    •  Are you spending more money on customer retention than lead development?
    •  Does your marketing plan include a long-term and short-term brand strategy?
    •  Do you have someone within your organization that is actively in charge of brand management?
    •  Is your branding consistent across all mediums (i.e. print ads, website, sales materials, letterhead, etc.)?

    Branding is often overlooked, but if it’s handled appropriately, it can have a tremendous impact on your sales numbers and your overall longevity.