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Do I Need Branding?
You may think that your product or company already has a sufficiently strong brand. But does it pass the test? Answer the questions below to determine if you need branding assistance… Read More

Branding in a Recession
In today’s economy, our society has become increasingly price sensitive. You may notice that even common consumer products now require longer purchasing cycles. The power of the Internet allows us to research all of our options online and compare offers before making a purchasing decision. Read More


Increase Your Website Stickiness
Website stickiness is a term that refers to your website’s ability to keep visitors on the site and keep them coming back frequently. As a baseline, adhering to best practices in web design means that your website offers a clean and visually appealing design as well as an intuitive user navigation that is suitable for your target audience. Read More

Search Marketing

SEO Process
The checklist below details the key areas of your site to consider for your search engine optimization plan. Read More

SEO Preparation

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a critical consideration for designing your website. Most companies delay optimizing their site until after it is launched, but if you include SEO in your website’s early planning stages, you’ll save both time and money. Read More



Print or Online?
Let’s not discount the power of websites and email, but even with today’s technology, business is still done by people. In a business-to-business environment, the relationships you have with your customers are based on human interactions that are preferably face-to-face. Read More


Social Media

Social Media Basics
This article will address the Who, What, When, Why and Where of social media. Read More



Making the Most of Your Trade Shows
If your company participates in trade shows, you may be feeling some pressure to reduce your trade show budget. Most companies are carefully evaluating their trade show participation to identify the most important shows to attend. Read More

Event Planning Checklist
Preparing for an event can be challenging and time-consuming. As you begin planning, you may feel overwhelmed with the details, but each decision you make will get you closer to the end result. Read More



Impactful Giveaways
If you've attended a trade show, you've likely witnessed the "Trick or Treat" style for collecting promotional items. Attendees will pick up nearly anything that's free and have even been known to take items that that weren't intended as giveaways. Read More