Integrated Campaigns

Home Solutions Partners

Home Solutions Partners originally contacted iMarketing about a new website. The previous website was not a good representation of the quality of the business and it was not properly optimized for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). 

As the new website was nearing completion, iMarketing worked with Shaw Carpet to integrate the Shaw Web Studio for the flooring section of the website. Since launching the website, iMarketing continues with an ongoing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and link building plan.

Upon completion of the website, iMarketing created the Home Solutions Facebook page to increase word of mouth advertising through social media.

iMarketing recently introduced Home Solutions Partners to email campaigns for improved communications with potential customers and business partners. The initial campaign announced the addition of the new insulation business.

iMarketing continues to work with Home Solutions Partners for business cards, print advertising, proposal solutions and general business consulting.

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Jadam Construction

Marketing had never been a priority at Jadam Construction until business slowed down. iMarketing completed a competitive analysis and developed a comprehensive marketing plan. The plan began with a full line of branded marketing materials including new business cards, business card magnets, note pads, sticky notes, lawn signs, car door magnets, and window decals.

Stage 2 of the plan included a Facebook page and new website. iMarketing maintains the Jadam Construction Facebook page and continues development of the website. The Google Analytics data is examined monthly to continually improve search engine optimization and link building campaigns.

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Valley Wide Signs & Graphics

Valley Wide Signs & Graphics was in need of a new website. To prepare for the new site, iMarketing recommended competitive analysis, competitive diagnostic and in-depth Google Analysis of their existing website.

The new website is significantly larger than the old one with more pictures, case studies and testimonials. The new website also includes cross-linking between related sections, pages, articles, new stories, projects and testimonials.

iMarketing continues to work with Valley Wide Signs & Graphics for Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and offline campaign tracking.

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JamzDee Entertainment

JamzDee (pronounced JamesDee) Entertainment contacted iMarketing in need of a new business card design. After reviewing the existing logo design, iMarketing recommended a new logo prior to the new business card design. Once the new logo was approved, iMarketing completed the new dual-sided business card design.

In addition to the logo and business card, iMarketing also set up the JamzDee Entertainment Facebook business page. Once the Facebook page was completed and positive feedback was received on the new logo and business card design, iMarketing redesigned the JamzDee website.

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