Events are an important component of your marketing mix. They create memories that remain with your employees, customers and prospects for many years to come. Depending on the type of the event and success of the event, that could be either good or bad. As the event organizer, you're ability to not only plan, but to anticipate potential issues, can make or break your event.

Whether your planning an internal company party or trade show or hospitality event, all company events have to potential to significantly impact your brand. A well-orchestrated event will create positive feelings towards your company, while a poorly planned event could potentially cost you sales and customer relationships.

Planning an event can take many months or even years - depending on the type, complexity and purpose of the event. The number of people involved in the planning process and the number of people anticipated to attend can also extend your timeline.

Why iMarketing Events?

-iMarketing event planning includes not only the planning and preparation, but also the event management and post-event follow up.

-Leverage our years of experience with all types of events, to ensure that your company and your brand are properly represented by your event.

-iMarketing specializes in being detail-oriented and we know how to make a simple event an extraordinary experience.


“I interviewed a handful of designers but when I met with Tiffany, I knew she was going to be the one. iMarketing dealt with my limited knowledge and educated me throughout the process.”

-Tom Shafnisky, Shafnisky Electric

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